real-u skincare review: Kiera Ashley

Kiera Ashly reviews her favourite skincare brand real-u Australia

I want to talk to you guys about my absolute favourite skincare range called real-u.

I have talked about these guys on my facebook, Instagram and YouTube so many times, this is not paid nor sponsored, nothing like that. They do send me their products but after years and years and years of trying every product -these guys [shows product in video] are seriously the only product that actually worked to clear up my acne.

I had really bad acne from the contraceptive shot that lasted for about two years. Real-u was really was the only thing that could clear my skin up.

Now I do have a lot of scarring, redness and blemishes still but that's something else we are not going to talk about today.

They [real-u] have sent me a package all the way from Australia, let's open it up, I haven't opened this up yet. Okay let's see it all. There's a little note in here: “welcome to the real- community” and a little booklet, yeah a little booklet on what does what, what's good for you, and why there's so much in here. Oh my goodness I love this, it's polka dot packaging -so cute oh my god, oh wow.

So I've got a Gentle Foaming Face Wash. This is what you use in the shower. You just put a little bit on your fingers and foam it up and wash your face a bit.

You put this one on [shows Control Serum] after you wash your face and let your skin dry off naturally. It's quite similar but you don't really need so much. Let this one dry and then put your Hydrate Lite Moisturizer on.

I love them seriously, if you guys watch my favourites you know that this product [shows Spot treatment] is my absolute favourite one.  I carry one with me, leave one next to my bed, at my makeup table, you know that tray you have at home where you just dump everything when you get home? I have them there, I have them everywhere.

This it's not called a freaking miracle treatment for nothing -you feel a pimple coming on, you put it on, and it just goes away!
It's seriously a miracle. I live for this product!

There's also little travel-ones.  This is handy for traveling-how cool, oh my god, thank you so much.
Thank you very much, really honestly like your products are amazing!

If you guys have problem skin 10 out of 10 would recommend trying real-u. I just I cannot get enough of them.

I live for their products. You're amazing thank you so much, thank you thank you, thank you!
There we go, thank you so much, really oh my god guys I'm so serious, I'm not being paid to say this!

Check them out if you have skin issues, please give them a go. I always get people like in-boxing me “what do you really think of real-u?  Would you really recommend them?”
I'm like Oh yes, yes I would really recommend this. Their product is amazing, you need to try them, you seriously do.  It's the only thing that clears my skin.
Thank you guys so much for watching.

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