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Forget expensive exfoliators and treatments - this is all the exfoliation your skin needs. If you’re struggling with recurring breakouts and find yourself reaching for the exfoliant every few days to try and achieve that baby smooth skin, this is the information that could change your life, and more importantly change your skin! After more than 20 years of treating acne-prone skin, I have a very simple and inexpensive solution for you that will help you get 'next level' skin. It’s the essential beauty tool most skincare companies don't want you to know about ~ a face cloth. I know it sounds simple, but trust me, it works a treat and stops your skin rebounding off harsh exfoliants + it saves you so much wasted money.⁠


Stabilising problem skin is one of the keys in being able to clear and control breakouts.


People prone to acne or oily skin often instinctively reach for harsh exfoliants and stripping cleansers at the first sign of trouble. However, using stripping cleansers, harsh exfoliants or peels can cause your skin to become unstable, as your skin continually tries to over compensate by replacing the skin natural oils and skin cells that have been stripped away - putting your skin in ‘rebound mode’, which only leads to an increase in breakouts. You need to break the rebound cycle and stabilise your skin! 


Our skin needs to be exfoliated to remove excess dead skin cells to prevent them from clogging our pores. Using a face cloth to remove your cleanser is an essential process in our cleansing step, as it provides your skin with a gentle amount of exfoliation each day - which helps keep your oil glands calm and your skin more stable.


Before use, rinse with warm water to get rid of any lingering laundry detergents. Wring out your face cloth (use your muscles) thoroughly and rest on a clean surface; it should only be damp - not wet.

Use your face cloth to thoroughly remove the cleanser from your skin. This guarantees a gentle exfoliation daily. If your skin is still sore and in ‘healing mode’ - be very gentle with your face cloth.

Fan your skin to dry. Then you’re ready for step 2.

If you need to double cleanse to remove makeup or sunscreen, don’t forget to rinse your face cloth in between each cleanse.

Use a fresh clean face cloth every time you cleanse in or out of the shower - morning and night!


After every use, wash your face cloth in a 60-degree wash to kill any bacteria and dry promptly.

If left unwashed, you are better to place your face cloth in an area where it will dry prior to washing – you don’t want your face cloth to develop bacteria by staying damp for a number of days before washing.

A face cloth as simple as it may sound is an essential beauty tool found in most skincare experts kits and if you’re lacking this tool, your skin is severely missing out.