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Better results together, our red Starter Kit gives you all the real-u favourites to clear and control pimples and rebuild the health of your skin. Choose the red Starter kit if you have very stubborn, very persistent and very problematic skin conditions.

Includes our famous 3-Step program, REMOVE Spot Treatment & the perfect FACE CLOTH for acne skin.

Limited Edition.

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1 x 100ml CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash
Step 1 of our 3-Step program. Our pH balanced CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash effectively cleanses problem skin without removing all the natural oils or over-drying the skin, making it the perfect cleanser for acne skin. With soothing Aloe Vera, it leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and revitalised.

1 x 50ml CONTROL+ Acne Serum
Step 2 in our 3-Step program, our red CONTROL+ Acne Serum is the option you choose if you have very stubborn, very persistent and very problematic skin conditions. Containing our unique marine-complex salt, this hero product delivers the key benefits to help break the acne cycle and importantly helps rebuild the health of your skin!

1 x 100ml HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser
Step 3 in our 3-Step program, our HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser locks in vital moisture to keep your skin properly hydrated - without clogging your pores. This lightweight, non-greasy lotion is easily absorbed into your skin leaving it feeling soft and velvety smooth.

1 x 15ml REMOVE Spot Treatment
The perfect addition to our 3-Step program, our REMOVE Spot Treatment helps fast track your way to pimple free skin. Containing our unique marine-complex salt, this magical product helps prevent emerging pimples and also helps speed up the healing process of existing pimples. An absolute cult fave amongst our real-u community.

This beauty tool is a must have for getting the best results out of your skincare routine. PROTIP: Forget expensive exfoliators and treatments - this is all the exfoliation acne skin needs. Using an acne face cloth to remove your cleanser provides a small amount of exfoliation each day, without over stimulating your skin. This keeps acne-prone skin more stable and less likely to breakout. ?Yes Please!



Perfectly cleanse problem skin without stripping or over-drying your skin.


Control and clear acne and pimples while rebuilding the health of your skin.


Hydrate your skin by locking in vital moisture, without clogging the pores.


Prevent emerging pimples and speed up the healing process of existing pimples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tayla Goodwin

the kit has completely cleared my skin, 2weeks ago I was suffering from really bad acne and within those 2weeks it’s all gone!

Bree Harkin
Best products!

I have tried everything you could think of. I have had a lot of problems with my skin ever since high school and no it doesn't always go away I have two kids and am almost 30 and I still have had the problems continue. I will definitely be purchasing again and on the regular after only 3 days I could already see a clear difference and day 5 all I have left was scaring

Awesome! Finally something that works!

I have always had acne and I have tried so many products and nothing has worked. I tried the green starter pack and it helped but wasn’t quite strong enough for my needs so when it came time to get more I went for the red pack and I’m never going back! It works so well and has cleared up my skin quickly and immensely! I still have a little way to go but so far these products have been perfect. Thankyou Real-U!!

Amber G
BEST skin products

BEST skin products I've ever used. I'm one week in and my skin has cleared so well. i actually can't believe it, I keep waiting for it to not work because of how many products I've used over the years, and nothing has worked. These products I'm in love with.

You will not regret it

I cannot stress enough how amazing this brand is. Honestly, it's changed my life. I can't imagine my life without real-u. From having such problem skin when I was younger which continued into my 20's, it was such an amazing feeling to see how quickly my skin changed when I started using this after a few weeks. Now I can happily walk around without makeup on with even more confidence than I had before. Try real-u, you will not regret it!