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Lovely little bonus

Love the free mini cleanser I received with my kit. The only feedback I have is I would love if this bottle was refillable so I could top it up before heading off for a weekend away and be confident I won’t run out mid-trip!

Saved my skin

The only products I use on my skin now. I had normal acne and had spent a fortune on other products. Not only is Real-U effective, it is affordable. I’ve been using real-u for about 2 years now and won’t go back. I am finally able to do something I never thought I’d be able to do - go make up free on those lazy days!

Awesome! Finally something that works!

I have always had acne and I have tried so many products and nothing has worked. I tried the green starter pack and it helped but wasn’t quite strong enough for my needs so when it came time to get more I went for the red pack and I’m never going back! It works so well and has cleared up my skin quickly and immensely! I still have a little way to go but so far these products have been perfect. Thankyou Real-U!!

Calming & soothing

Aptly named gentle wash, feels hydrating & calming when used doesn’t leave skin dry and can see a difference after a week of using.

Green Control Real Review

The first set I got with realu I used it till I finished it and was probably the best skin I ever had! However you must take care of yourself as well! I am aware that if I eat chocolates or junk food I get a lot of acne so even when I was doing that realu was still keeping me clean! Sadly I wasn't really careful enough that I started getting acne again. So I recently stopped doing that and luckily I got green control again! Currently on my 4th day and it's starting to get rid of the acne! This review aint fake at all! I'm dead serious about this product. So if ever give it a try and see it for yourself!

Gentle and effective, these products have reduced the redness so well.

Yes this is it

Never irritates skin, however every now and then it feels as though no difference is made but overall super good

Absolutely LOVE!

Such a lovely, calming product for my skin! I have been using it for a week now & can already notice my skin is much happier & healthier. & the moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft & dewy without the oil.


After a week of using can see the calming effects! Products are gentle but effective at calming & healing skin & breakouts. They don’t burn or sting & skin feels hydrated. Very happy.


I really love all of the the products in the range. I have tried lots of different brands and real- U is the best I have ever used.


I really love this product as it had helped my skin so much. Would highly recommend.

Great product

I've tried many products befire but real-u has made the difference in my fave ny pores become smaller, my acne scars less visible.. im just so happy.. thank you so much!!😊

Game Changer

Fabulous products that have been using got years! It is the only thing that keeps my skin clear & does not irritate it. If you're on the fence, give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

Great Skincare! 👌

I love how gentle and effective real-u is with my skin I've already started to notice a different in the health of my skin and have only been using the kit for about 5 weeks. It obviously taking longer for my hormonal acne to settle but I can already tell its on the way.

So happy 😊

My daughter had been struggling with break outs for at least a year. We decided to try real-u products and we were blown away by the results. Her skin looks great. So great full we discovered real-u!!


I love this product I have used it so much and it really does work well


Honestly didn't have a proper skincare routine before I found real-u. After just a few uses it cleared up my skin! I love that it's vegan, cruelty free and affordable. The cleanser is super gentle but still makes my skin feel fresh and clean after, the face cloth is also gentle yet exfoliating, and the green control serum clears my pimples so quickly (I could literally see a difference within a day!). The moisturiser is light but hydrating and the spot treatment is INCREDIBLE. I love how simple but effective real-u's 3-step program is, and I think it's great that there are videos for skincare tips as well as 24/7 acne support - truly a brand that cares.

It works!!!

I’ve been using these products for a week now and it has definitely made a difference with my skin. I suffer from adult acne around my chin area and this is the only product I’ve used that has made a difference. The moisturiser feels so nice on the skin to.

Best beauty product

I don't often leave reviews, but I have been so impressed with these products I had to let you know. My skin has been so sore with lots of bumps forming under my skin. The angry, red ones that are painful to touch. Within one week of using these products, these spots have disappeared and my face does not hurt anymore. Thank you so much!


WOW, what a difference it has made on my skin. Now i cant live without my cleanse in my life!! Thank-you i love waking up to clear glowing skin now.

Changed my life.

These products have changed my life. If you are at your wits end with trying products to clear up acne, then this is your sign!! I was in that position 12 months ago and I'm SOO glad I tried Real-U. Absolutely life changing

Skin is completely clear

Bought the travel kit to try and after a week it didn't work so I stopped using it. I gave it a second chance a few months later and I'm so glad I did, after about 2 weeks of using it morning and night I noticed a dramatic change. My skin is completely clear and even stayed clear in the lead up to my period (which usually causes huge breakouts).

Magical product

Its a magical product i feel amazing after using this product no reaction at all i just love this its change my life it gave my confidancs back to me thank you real u love you

BEST skin products

BEST skin products I've ever used. I'm one week in and my skin has cleared so well. i actually can't believe it, I keep waiting for it to not work because of how many products I've used over the years, and nothing has worked. These products I'm in love with.

You will not regret it

I cannot stress enough how amazing this brand is. Honestly, it's changed my life. I can't imagine my life without real-u. From having such problem skin when I was younger which continued into my 20's, it was such an amazing feeling to see how quickly my skin changed when I started using this after a few weeks. Now I can happily walk around without makeup on with even more confidence than I had before. Try real-u, you will not regret it!