Our CONTROL Acne Serum is the hero product of our real-u range and has proven to help 1000's for customers to finally get clear skin. Based on unique, breakthrough skincare technology, real-u CONTROL Acne Serum has truly revolutionised the way we clear acne and breakout prone skin today.

The result of 30 years of research and innovation, our unique Australian made formula has already changed thousands of lives around the world.

“This product changed my life, and my skin. l absolutely love not having to worry about getting pimples anymore! People always ask me how l keep my skin looking so good... it is all because of this serum, it's my secret health booster for my skin, l would NEVER go without it." -Ebony, real-u Founder. 

 Green Control Acne Serum for acne and pimples


  • Promotes the normalisation of (sebum) oil production without drying the skin - excess oil is one the biggest contributors in the formation of pimples and acne. Normalising sebum helps break the acne cycle.

  • Healing and strengthening skin cells - our unique compound high in antioxidants helps heal, repair and strengthen your skin cells, which plays an important part in achieving healthy, clear skin.

  • Inhibits acne causing bacteria - stabilising your skin's protective barrier makes it harder for acne causing bacteria to takeover and form pimples.

  • Anti-inflammatory - reducing the swelling and inflammation aids the healing process. 

Red CONTROL Acne Serum for acne and pimples


Unlike other acne products that can damage your skin to clear breakouts, our unique CONTROL Serum helps clear skin and also makes your skin super healthy and strong. 

We no longer have to harm our skin to achieve clear skin - that is what makes real-u so different.” – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare

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Use 2 x daily, morning and night, as part of our 3-Step Program.

After preparing your skin with our CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash, apply a small, pea size amount of Control serum into your finger tips and lightly rub together to warm. Massage onto your skin and gently pat in, avoiding your eye area. Leave on your skin to work it’s magic. Follow with HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser.

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