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Cleansing your skin the right way is the first step to clearing and preventing breakouts.

Unfortunately, cleansing is where a lot of mistakes are made when treating problem skin. When your skin is in ‘breakout mode’ and feeling over oily, washing your face till it’s ‘squeaky clean’ might feel right, however, this sends your oil glands into overdrive to compensate - resulting in even more breakouts.

Here we explain why.

"Be careful not to over-react at the first sign of oiliness and breakouts." – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare 


Your skin has a unique protective system called the ‘acid mantle barrier’, which is made up of oils, fatty acids, lactic acid, amino acids and your skin’s own natural moisturising factor – which creates a protective barrier on your skin, sealing in moisture and protecting your skin against pimple causing bacteria and infection.

Your acid mantle, being slightly acidic as the name suggests, is easily upset or stripped away and can take anywhere from 15 mins to 14 hours to restore itself.

This is an issue for problem skin as it gives pimple causing bacteria a chance to wreak havoc with your skin. It also results in your oil glands going into overdrive to compensate -  leading to an increase in oil production and breakouts. 

“If you get that tight squeaky clean feeling after cleansing your skin, you’ve probably just stripped away your acid mantle barrier which increases your chance of inflammation and breakouts.” – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare.


You may not realise this but every time you go out, your skin is exposed to all sorts of airborne bacteria, dirt, free radicals and other pollutants. Washing your skin the right way, every day, helps wash off pimple causing impurities and helps you maintain clear, healthy skin.

If you are cleansing your skin with soap or other harsh cleansing products (especially products that contain the “2 Common Nasties”) you’re most likely stripping away your skin’s ‘acid mantle barrier’, leaving your skin in jeopardy. If you are continually doing this each day, you end up training your skin to become even more oily, dehydrated and breakout prone.


CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash has been especially formulated for problem skin. Being PH balanced (the same PH as your skin) it doesn’t put your skin’s ‘acid mantle’ in jeopardy. It gently and effectively cleanses your skin without removing all the skin’s natural oils or over-drying your skin.  This helps keep your oil glands calm and your acid mantle intact. Which makes it the best cleanser for acne skin.

  • PH Balanced
  • Fragrance Free
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Feels absolutely amazing!

real-u Cleanse acne face wash

Take a small amount of CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash and add water to create a light foam.

Using gentle, circular movements, massage the product all over the skin – don’t forget your hairline and your neck.

Remove with a clean, damp face cloth using circular motions that simultaneously help exfoliate the skin. Remember to rinse your face cloth prior to use, to get rid of any lingering laundry detergents.

If you are wearing makeup, cleanse twice – once for your makeup and once for your skin.

“Using your face cloth to remove your cleanser in small circular movements, provides a small amount of exfoliation each day, which helps stabilize problem skin. If your skin is still sore and in healing mode - be very gentle with your face cloth.” – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare

Cleanse right… and your skin will love you for it!


real-u Cleanse Gentle Foaming Wash fro Acne skin







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