How, you ask? By having a skincare routine that keeps your skin's protective barrier intact. Your skin is SO clever that it has developed its own protective system known as ‘The Acid Mantle Barrier’, that sits on the surface of the skin between you and the world. It plays a vital role in keeping your skin clear, healthy and in balance.

Your ‘Acid Mantle Barrier’ is made up of your skin’s own oils, fatty acids, lactic acid, amino acids and natural moisturising factor. This barrier is really important to your skin, especially acne prone skin, as it protects your skin against pimple causing bacteria, moisture loss and infection.

Each day your acid mantle barrier helps to:

  • keep bad bacteria from taking over.
  • keep your oil glands calm.
  • keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated, so it stays free from cracks and dehydration.
  • protect against damaging environmental factors.
  • secrete enzymes, that break down excess sebum in the skin.
  • boost the immune system of your skin.
  • give you a healthy luminous glow.

You have to admit it’s pretty cool!


Your acid mantle, being slightly acidic as the name suggests, is easily knocked out of balance or stripped away and can take anywhere from 15 mins to 14 hours to restore itself. It’s really important that your skincare products are formulated WITHOUT strong stripping ingredients that destroy your skin’s precious protective barrier.

Think of it as a brick wall. Your skin cells are the bricks and your acid mantle barrier is the cement.

It’s when our skin’s acid mantle gets knocked out of balance, that the inter-cellular lipids between our cell walls break down, much like the cement crumbling. This not only leads to dry skin conditions as tiny cracks appear, but also bacteria, allergens and foreign bodies find passageways through your skin causing havoc. Once they hit the blood stream, they create inflammation, allergies and breakouts. Also your oil glands fire into overdrive as they quickly work to restore the barrier and repair the damage.

Long story short, using the wrong products can have a disastrous effect on your skin.

“Ever get that 'squeaky clean' feeling after cleansing? That was your precious acid mantle barrier being destroyed and stripped away.” -Ebony, Founder real-u.


Our real-u formula is the first acne range designed to work with your skin and protect the acid mantle barrier because a healthy and balanced acid mantle means clear, soft, healthy and glowing skin.

Healthy skin reflects light evenly, giving you a luminous healthy glow… #therealueffect

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