Week 1

 “I'm only on day three and I feel like it's making such a difference already, I'm over the moon! The other side is still getting there.. But it's so much better!!!! Can't wait to not wear makeup anymore!!”

Week 6

“It's getting there I only have a couple of pimples left :) hopefully they'll be gone in a couple of days! I don't have as many black heads and all those under the skin bumps are gone and my scarring is clearing up! I think I should have clear skin for Christmas”

Week 9

“My pimples are gone!!! All I have left is scarring.”

Week 26

“Nope no makeup!!! Not even mascara just my fresh face :) I've only got two pimples! And it's that time of the month too... I'll have clear skin for my birthday! I've been going out without makeup on too! Going to dinner at a friends place and not wearing makeup :)”

Week 32

“There’s nothing better than being able to wake up and apply makeup to a pimple free face!!! Thanks Eb! You've made my dreams of clear skin come true!


Esther's acne skin results weeks 1-26 left side of face

Esther's acne skin results weeks 1-26 right side of face


Esther used Cleanse, Control+ Serum, Hydrate and Spot Treatment to clear her skin. Shop the products she used here.  

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