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Ever wondered what causes your skin to breakout? Here we reveal the most common acne triggers that can play havoc with your skin.

1. Hormones: Are major culprits in triggering acne, as they play a significant role in determining how your skin functions. Your hormones naturally fluctuate (especially during puberty) and are always changing in differing amounts. The balancing act is a tricky one as there are many factors that can create a spike in your hormone levels - here we give you 5 tips to help with hormonal acne.

2. Gut health: You might be surprised but your gut’s micro flora is directly related to the health of your skin. When your gut’s micro flora is unhealthy or out of balance your gut leaks toxins, that are then carried to your skin - resulting in breakouts. Bottom line is the healthier your gut – the healthier your skin.

3. Stripping your skin: Cleansing with harsh products, over exfoliating, peels and microdermabrasion, can all result in destroying your Acid Mantle Barrier (your skin’s protective barrier). Many people make the mistake of over-reacting to breakouts and oily skin by trying to dry out and strip their skin. But when it comes to the oils on your skin, the more you strip – the more your skin will produce. Make sure your skincare products are pH balanced and are designed to keep your acid mantle barrier healthy and intact like our gentle 3 step routine– as this keeps your oil glands calm and acne causing bacteria from taking over. 

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4. Foods: Consuming excess dairy and sugar can not only cause a spike in your hormones, but also increases inflammation in your cells. As we now know, inflammation is a major contributing factor in acne. Try cutting out processed and sugary foods and change to milk alternatives like rice or almond milk, to help your skin. Here are delicious skin friendly recipes for clear skin.

5. Stress: I hate it when people say, “it’s because of stress” - and then you stress about being stressed. However, when it comes to acne triggers, we can’t ignore it. It’s not just a spike in your cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) that affects acne, but when you’re stressed you typically don’t focus on taking care of yourself. We tend to eat the wrong foods, neglect our exercise routine, not get enough beauty sleep touch our faces more. Try to find at least one thing that acts as your pressure release valve to reduce stress. For me it’s taking a small moment to relax and do my skincare routine in my stress-free bubble.


Makeup primers 
Not getting enough sleep
Bacteria on your phone
Going to bed without taking your makeup off
Not changing your pillowcase regularly
Washing detergents 
Not washing your hair regularly
Constantly touching your skin
Poor nutrition
Certain medications
Harsh skincare products
Yoga mats 
Protein powders 
Sweat left on the skin
Dirty makeup brushes 
Inconsistent skincare routine

It can be a combination of any or one of the above that can be contributing to your breakouts. Listen to your skin to find your hidden triggers. 

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