SKIN FACT: 25% of men and a whopping 50% of women will suffer from adult acne at some point in their lives. For 14% of those women, acne will continue well into their 40s.

Like me, some of you may have gotten through your teen years pimple-free and began experiencing acne during adulthood. Others may have suffered from acne for as long as they can remember. Either way, the reality of adult acne is harsh.

My acne switch flicked on at age 26. Being in the skincare industry, I thought I had all the knowledge and tricks to clear it quickly – l went in strong and hard with peels, lasers, scrubs, and products containing harsh ingredients… you name it, I did it. l was desperate to clear my skin, but all these aggressive treatments did was strip and destroy my skin's precious acid mantle barrier. Ultimately my skin ended up getting so much worse. 

If only real-u existed back then…

clearing adult acne is possible when you have the right skincare

After all of my mistakes and successes, I am committed to helping other acne sufferers treat their skin the right way, so that they don’t have to experience what I went through or for as long as I did. 

 This blog will give you all the info you will need to know about adult acne and the RIGHT way to treat it so you can learn how to keep your skin clear, and your confidence levels high.

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Your skin behaves differently as you age and you need to treat it differently.  There are many factors, both internal and external that play a role in all types of acne, but the most common causes of adult acne are:

  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Incorrect skincare
  • Stripping and burning your skin


Hormones play a significant role in determining how your skin functions and are often blamed for acne. When it comes to breakouts, the main culprit is believed to be testosterone (a hormone present in both men and women). Research suggests that people suffering from more severe acne have higher levels of testosterone. With our current lifestyle, many adults are under increasing levels of stress at work and at home, and due to a lack of time, often make poor dietary and exercise choices.  All these factors can upset your hormone balance, resulting in unwanted breakouts.

SKIN TIP: Do some facial yoga every night when you do your skincare routine to help relax your mind, and help tone and heal your skin. 

2.   DIET 

The food you eat plays an enormous role in the health of your skin. Eating too much highly processed, sugary or dairy foods can cause havoc with your skin - think breakouts, oily skin, and inflammation. Unfortunately the older you get, the longer these problems take to heal. On the flip side, eating the right types of food will have a positive effect on your skin. Here are 6 foods you should include in your daily diet to help clear acne. 

Tip: Cooking foods from scratch at home is always best, but sometimes we need or just want to eat out. Try choosing the healthiest option on -the menu and avoid the highly processed and dairy options. 


Today, 20 to 30-somethings are all about trying new beauty products which aren’t necessarily good for the skin. l am sure this has contributed to an increase in adult acne cases. I say this because the more you mess with your skin, and play around with particularly harsh products, the more likely you are to breakout. Trying lots of new products and treatments sends our skin on a continual rollercoaster ride and this doesn’t lead to lasting results. With problem skin – less is more!!!

SKIN TIP: Establish a simple, gentle skincare routine that is good for your skin and one that targets the main contributing factors of acne. That’s how you get the best results.


There are 5 common acne mistakes that people often make. Out of these the biggest mistake by far is to strip and burn your skin. Stay away from harsh products and treatments - they won’t do you any favours.

- When it comes to adult acne the No 1. mistake people make is to turn to harsh products and/or treatments. Stripping and burning will do nothing to heal your skin -

The vicious cycle behind most adult acne. Using harsh, stripping products will only make your skin more oily, resulting in more breakouts.

SKIN FACT: Our Acid Mantle Barrier (your skin’s precious protective barrier) is made up of sebum (oil) and moisture. It acts as a protective barrier on your skin, sealing in moisture and protecting the skin against pimple causing bacteria and infection.

When you strip breakout prone skin with harsh cleansers (and by harsh we mean products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid) you are stripping away your skin’s Acid Mantle Barrier. This tells the oil gland that it’s not doing its job of protecting the skin well enough. As a result, the oil gland is sent into overdrive to compensate. This then leads to even more breakouts – and the vicious cycle begins.

SKIN TIP: Even though your skin is breaking out, it doesn’t need to be punished – it’s not “bad” or “naughty”, it’s just out of balance. Focus on healing and rebalancing your skin with a gentle, effective approach.


For generations treating acne came with a long list of nasty side effects. real-u is revolutionary because it can clear pimples without damaging your skin. It’s the first acne skincare range that’s gentle, effective and most importantly, free of side effects.  

Break the acne cycle…  

Our signature back-to-basics 3-Step program helps:

  • Normalise sebum (oil) - without drying your skin
  • Stabilise your skin’s acid mantle barrier     
  • Inhibit acne causing bacteria
  • Calm your skin
  • Rebalance and rebuild the health of your skin

real-u acne skincare 3 step program for acne and pimples

Adult acne is more common than you think - you’re definitely not alone! The best solution is to get on track with the right skincare, and become aware of what could be triggering your skin, such as hormonal changes or certain foods.

Through my experience and expertise l have developed a supportive acne space where you can get expert tips, info, skincare, and advice you need to clear all types of acne. If you have any questions or need further advice you can contact me via

Finding a formula that cleared my adult acne was just the beginning of real-u. I am so happy to now be able to share the solution with the world. Don’t waste time on skin-damaging treatments or harsh products. Beauty – that’s so last century!

Kisses, Ebony xx