When famous Mega-Beauty Megan Markle admits to using Facial yoga, it makes you pause and wonder why?...

We are constantly told to implement ‘self-care’ and ‘life balance’ but in a fast-moving world it's a constant struggle to get the balance right or even focus on it at all.  

Yoga is a form of self-care that is easy to fit into your daily routine AND it can do wonders for your skin – from skin detoxification to helping reduce stress, yoga has become the buzz word in beauty circles.

Between being a mum, running a business, travelling for work and generally living life - it’s easy to forget to take a little time for myself. I've always lived a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed keeping fit, but recently my 'me-time' has taken a backseat. l started to notice the negative impact it was having on my mind and my skin. With all the craziness happening around me, I was in no mood for a hectic cardio sesh, so l turned up the yoga instead. Not only has it had a massive positive impact on me physically, but also mentally. After yoga l feel fitter, healthier, calmer and much more ready to take on the day. 


1.   Yoga improves blood circulation

Yoga generates heat, which increases blood circulation to all the cells in your body including your skin cells. This benefits acne prone skin as it delivers a fresh batch of nutrients to your skin cells and removes any unwanted toxins. The end result, clearer, healthier, glow-y skin.

2.   Yoga improves oxygen flow

Yoga works on deep or controlled breathing which helps you take in more oxygen. Oxygen is essential to the health and maintenance of your skin cells and in acne prone skin an oxygen-rich environment, the acne causing bacteria (P acnes) simply do not survive well. 

3.   Yoga improves digestion. 

You’re not what you eat -you are what you digest and absorb, (think of that breakout after your last chocolate or ice-cream binge). The gut is where 70 to 80 per cent of the immune system lies. When your gut is functioning optimally, you will notice better energy, moods and glowing skin. Regular yoga practice assists in delivering oxygen and nutrients to your digestive system helping to keep it healthy and strong. Here are great skin-friendly foods to include to help keep your gut happy and your skin healthy. 

4.   Yoga helps lower stress.

Notice how you breakout more when you are stressed? Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for your skin to heal from pimples and cystic acne.  Yoga helps to reduce stress levels through stretches, deep breathing, and techniques to help clear the mind. As you settle into your yoga routine, your mind and emotions will settle and become more balanced, and so will your skin!  

5.   Yoga balances hormones.

Stress and other factors can cause hormones such as cortisol to increase in the body. Cortisol can make it harder for the body to maintain healthy testosterone levels in both men and women. Research suggests that people suffering from more severe acne have higher levels of testosterone. Yoga has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body, leading to reduced testosterone, and calmer, healthier skin.  


Facial yoga is a set of facial exercises that help to strengthen and tone facial muscles, and to increase circulation to skin cells resulting in firmer, healthier skin.


Step 1 – Apply your real-u Cleanse to slightly damp skin and rub in circular movements to remove all makeup.  Pay particular attention to areas that are heavily caked in makeup.  Remove with a damp face cloth.

Step 2 – Apply your Cleanse again to clean your skin.  Leave the Cleanse to sit on your skin while you do the following:

  1. Open your mouth and make a “long O” shape. Make sure that both your lips are covering your teeth.
  2. Raise the corners of your mouth into a smile and firmly draw up your cheek muscles.
  3. Now close your eyes. Roll them towards the ceiling. Keep “looking” up and readjust the shape of your mouth. You want to make your “O” as small as possible. Do another smile to make sure your cheek muscles are tightened up all the way and slowly tilt your head back.
  4. Tighten your buttocks and abdomen, lift your chest, and slowly raise your hands up and over your head. Take long, deep breaths, and imagine all your facial muscles striving for the ceiling.
  5. Hold tight in this position for thirty seconds. Exhale while lowering your hands and letting your head drop down towards the floor, then slowly roll back up. Now remove your Cleanse with a damp Face Washer.

Step 3 – Apply your Control Serum all over (excluding the eye area). As you do this, spend some time creasing out fine lines in the face, like the vertical lines between your brows by using your forefinger and thumb to push your eyebrows away from each other, which is the opposite direction they go when frowning or squinting.  Place your forefinger on the temple and thumb on the top of your cheekbone to gently stretch out crow’s feet

Step 4 – Apply your Hydrate Lite Moisturiser then put two fingers to your closed lips to prevent air from escaping, and then fill your cheeks with air so they puff out. Hold for a few seconds then release with a soft exhale. This will raise everything in your face preventing the sagging in that area that comes with age.  Repeat 3x.

Yoga doesn't have to mean booking a class, in my life l simply don't have the time to get to and from a class. So, l rely on apps and YouTube videos and make my living room/hotel room my own personal studio. My current 'goto' fitness app is the Chris Hemsworth's centr found here:

Book yourself in for some 'me-time’ Beauties, l am sure you will feel and see the benefits.

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