Hey Beauties! After many requests, I have finally gotten around to filming my everyday makeup routine... thanks iso. Makeup can make things tricky when it comes to blemish prone skin. On one hand it can irritate your skin and block your pores, triggering breakouts. On the other, could you go out without makeup? (I couldn’t!). That’s why it’s so important to spend time finding the right products for your skin. It’s definitely a trial and error situation, but after many years, loads of wasted $$$ and cupboards full of unused products I have found what works for me. These are my go-tos that I swear by and continue to repurchase year after year AND they don’t cause my skin to breakout. 

SKIN TIP: The fewer makeup products you use, the better! When you load up your base with primers, foundations, concealers, colour correctors, baking powder, setting powders, bronzers, illuminators, and highlighters, it’s a lot for your skin to deal with. The thicker the layer of makeup, the more suffocated your skin will feel, which in turn can trigger acne. 

Watch this video to pick up some pro tips from my working days in Paris.


Real-u Spot Treatment ⁠
Real-u Control serum⁠
 Real-u Hydrate
Lanolips peach⁠
Clear eyes⁠
Eyelash Princess Essence⁠
Shu eumura cushion foundation 745⁠
Smash box contour palette⁠
Shu eumura blush brush⁠
Nars blush orgasm⁠
Shu eumura tweezers ⁠
Dior brow brush No. 25⁠
Billion dollar brows pencil ⁠
Shiseido BL3 light brown⁠ brow powder
Anastasia clear brow gel⁠
Shu eumura lash curler⁠
Marc jacobs mascara velvet nior⁠
RMS living luminizer

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