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Your back and your butt are just as prone to acne and pimples as your face, because they have a high density of oil glands that are susceptible to producing excess sebum (oil). This combined with sweat and clogged hair follicles creates the perfect environment for breakouts. 


Skin cells on your body turn over slower than the skin cells on your face, which is why it takes the skin on your body longer to heal. 


1. Treat the breakouts on your back and butt the same as the breakouts on your face: pimples and acne are caused by the same factors however, skin on your body is thicker and the skin cells turn over at a slower rate. This is why our red CONRTOL+ Kit is the best fit for bacne. 

real-u acne skincare for bacne

2. Cleanse your skin and wash your gym clothes after a sweat session: gym time is great for relieving stress and for removing toxins from your skin, but sweat left on the skin is a common culprit of a bacne breakout.  

3. Rinse your skin after you condition your hair: hair masks and conditioners are often filled with pore-clogging ingredients that contribute to bacne.

4. Keep your hair clean and off your back: wash your hair regularly and keep it off your skin as it holds bacteria which can contribute to further breakouts.  

5. Wear breathable clothing: synthetic clothing traps in heat, which becomes the perfect environment for acne causing bacteria thrive.

real-u before and after acne results


6. Clean up your diet to clear up your skin: include the 6 Key acne fighting foods in your daily diet and get rid of the known acne causing foods like, dairy, sugary and fatty foods. 

7. Choose a sunscreen carefully: use a sunscreen that doesn’t trigger breakouts and wash it off immediately after you come in from the sun. 

8. Wash your bed linen and towels regularly: bacteria and oil can build up on your bed linen and towels, so make sure you wash them regularly in a 60-degree wash.  

9. Don't pick: picking your skin destroys the new skin cells that are developing to heal your skin, disrupting this process can cause life-long scarring. 

10. Make sure you don’t use harsh stripping products:as they destroy your skin's natural protective barrier. Your skin is so clever, it has its own protective barrier, called the 'Acid Mantle Barrier' - which keeps your skin in balance. This is super important in acne prone skin as it plays a significant role in making sure the bad acne causing bacteria (p acnes) doesn't take over and cause pimples. real-u products work on restoring your skin's protective barrier, playing a vital role in clearing pimples and keeping your skin healthy and strong.

Follow these 10 tips to say goodbye to bacne and hello to strappy dresses and bikinis.  

Say goodbye to bacne and hello to bikinis

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