Finding the right skincare can be a lot like dating… you never know if the next product is going to be your perfect match or a complete dud.  Here are the skincare red flags to watch out for that can help you find THE ONE sooner rather than later:

Skincare Red Flag #1 - Your skin feels stripped and dry after using a product. ⁠

Drying out your skin does not give you clean skin! That tight, squeaky clean feeling is actually a sign that you've just damaged your skin’s protective barrier. KICK THIS PRODUCT TO THE CURB!!! Honestly Beauty, the best thing you can do to clear acne-prone skin, is ditch the harsh products altogether. They’re only going to damage your skin and send your oil glands into overdrive. What the right skincare will do is rebalance and rebuild the health of your skin - just like the right man will allow you to be the best version of YOU!!!

Skincare Red Flag #2 - Your skin feels like it’s burning after you apply a product.

Despite whatever out-dated advice your Mum has given you (bless her soul), beauty shouldn’t mean pain. For several generations, the default method of treating acne has been to just burn the pimples off with harsh chemicals. But it’s 2020 Beauty and there is a better, more effective way to clear pimples. real-u is the first skincare range to use a revolutionary formula that clears pimples without the burn and - without the side effects. Our Beauties have described real-u as ‘gentle,’ ‘cooling’, and ‘soothing’, and the results have been incredible. Treat your skin with love and care, and your skin will love you back – just like a healthy relationship.

Skincare Red Flag #3 - Scented products.

Don’t let the fragrance fool you… added chemical ‘scents’ will only irritate your skin. Stay far away from these guys Beauty, they won’t help you, and they might even hurt you – just like a bad relationship.

Skincare Red Flag #4 – Skincare routines that require you to use 9+ products every night.

Three words when it comes to a successful skincare routine for acne-prone skin: KEEP. IT. SIMPLE.

The more products you use, the more ingredients and combinations involved, which means the more likely something will irritate, upset or damage your skin. Like in any relationship, overcomplicating things just creates too much drama

The perfect daily skincare routine for acne-prone skin should include nothing more, or less, than the following:

  1. A gentle, pH balanced cleanser
  2. A kick ass, acne-fighting serum
  3. A light moisturiser, packed with antioxidants than won’t clog your pores
  4. SPF sun protection (if you’re going outside on a sunny day)

The optional extras:

  • Spot treatment - for emerging or stubborn pimples when you’re at home or on the go – try the real-u ‘magic tube’ Spot Treatment.
  • Eye cream – every girl over 25 needs a good eye cream!
The real-u #SKINFIT Kit gives you everything you need for clear, healthy skin in just 3 simple steps. It’s incredibly easy to use, inexpensive and seriously good at clearing pimples.

Skincare Red Flag #5 - ‘Miracle’ treatments that promise you results in days/hours/minutes.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As frustrating as it might be, genuine, long-lasting change can take time. When it comes to clearing acne, you need to use products that get to the root cause of the problem and rebuild the health of your skin. Be committed to a consistent, daily routine – just like when you’re building a long-lasting relationship.

Our signature 3-Step routine helps break the acne cycle in 4 ways:

  1. Promotes the normalisation of sebum (oil) - without drying the skin.
  2. Heals and strengthens your skin cells - so acne clears faster.⁠⠀
  3. Fortifies your skin's protective barrier- so it can defend against acne causing bacteria. ⁠
  4. Reduces inflammation – to aid the healing process.⁠

real-u can’t promise you overnight success, but if you give it time and effort, the results can be amazing and set you up for a lifetime relationship of clear, healthy, beautiful skin.

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