Week 1

“I am so excited to show you the results! You've honestly changed my life, I was so weary about this just being another dodgy product but I am constantly getting complimented on my skin and how much it's cleared up and what I use!” 

Week 3

“Excuse the black scribble had to hide my puffy crying eyes… Three weeks progress using the Three Step system! This was my 'good side' in terms of my acne. Waiting for some scarring to clear up before I reveal the progress on my really cystic side but this is the most gentle product I've used as I have really sensitive and pigmented skin! Never going back! Thank you so much Eb ♥” 


Em's acne skincare journey- weeks 1-3

Week 6

“Exciting news girl!! I am so excited to finally share this with you! After being prescribed acne medication by my doctor, my skin reacted really badly. Around my mouth had become so red and sore that I could peel the skin off like sunburn peeling. My acne had become cystic and so painful and raised that I couldn't sleep on the side of my face and putting makeup on to cover them was excruciating. About 6 weeks ago I started using @realu and the results speak for themselves! 

My skin was covered in cystic pimples that were unbearably sore, whiteheads and blackheads. I am so beyond happy with the results and I genuinely can't thank you enough Ebony! It really has changed my life! I was crying everyday feeling so hopeless and embarrassed it's really made me feel so much better! Xx”

Week 21

“Got a lovely comment on my skin today at work and thought I'd share this with you ! I captured my progress with real-u so that I could compare differences as time went on ! As you can see my skin was so red, sore and I had a really white complexion! The final photo is me at work today with no makeup whatsoever! A point I never thought I would reach! My skin is finally making breakthroughs instead of breakouts! I love your product! I tell everyone about your product it's genuinely the only thing I'll use now I use it everyday I feel naked without it!” 

Week 25

“Hopefully I can help people out there that were like me! I wish I could begin to explain what this product has done for me it's making me teary to watch myself and see myself smiling so much when a few months ago I was so depressed and hopeless thinking that my skin was going to stuck like this until I'm older. You've given me back so much self-esteem and a new confidence in going natural and being comfortable with my face. You don't just change skin Eb, you change lives! ♥ you guys xxx” 

Watch the video and hear Emily telling her skin story.

Emily achieved her results using the real-u LUXE Beauty Bundle.



Em's acne skincare results -weeks 1-21

Emily shares her skin story
Ebony gives Emily skin tips and tricks