Our CONTROL Acne Serum is the hero product of our real-u range and the foundation of our results. Based on unique, breakthrough Australian skincare technology, real-u CONTROL Acne Serum has revolutionised the way we treat breakout prone skin today for the better.

The result of 30 years of research and innovation, our unique formula has already changed thousands of lives around the world.

We no longer have to harm our skin to achieve clear skin - that is what makes real-u so different.” – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare

Our 2 serums are formulated differently to suit different skin types. It's not a "get the stronger one... get faster results"  kind of thing. And it's important to choose the serum most suited to your skin.

Results from the real-u Green Acne Control SerumDoes your skin look most like these GREEN Beauties?

Skincare Results with red CONTROL Acne Serum

Or does your skin look more like these RED Beauties?


We have created a page to help you choose which serum is right for your skin found here.