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The bad news: There is more than one type of pimple to hate. 

The good news: All forms of pimples have the same root causes. Over-active oil glands, an excess of dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation. This means that the correct way to treat them is the same!


When treating any form of pimple, it’s important to remember that instead of stripping or irritating the skin, the goal of your skincare routine should be to rebalance and re-build your skin’s health. Healthy skin = less breakouts.

You’ve probably noticed that breakouts can look and feel different – this is because they are different!

Here are the 6 types of pimples you may experience:

1. Blackheads – also known as comedones. They are formed when an excess of oil (sebum) and dead skin cells become blocked in the pore of the skin, much like a cork trapped in the neck of a bottle. It’s when the comedones are exposed to oxygen that they oxidise and turn black, giving them their name… blackheads. They don’t go away by themselves and can remain in the skin if not extracted or treated correctly. 

My secret to getting rid of blackheads??

Use a face cloth to remove your cleanser - this will gently exfoliate your skin. Then apply the real-u REMOVE Spot Treatment to the affected area 2-4 times a day.

Blackheads across nose

2. Whiteheads – appear as small, raised white bumps on the skin. They are similar to blackheads, however the sebum (oil) is trapped under a fine layer of skin, giving them a white-ish appearance. These are not painful to touch, and they do sometimes disappear by themselves. But, having a good skincare routine that encourages healthy skin function will help prevent whiteheads from forming in the first place. 

Whiteheads under eyes

3. Papules – small to medium-sized raised bumps that don’t contain pus. They can be sensitive to touch and if not treated correctly they will often form into a pustule. 

Papules - small to medium sized bumps

4. Pustules – occur when papules become infected with pus, sebum and bacteria. They are often painful and may need to be correctly popped to release the infection.

5. Nodules – larger and more serious than a typical papule as they affect the deeper layers of the skin. Acne nodules can feel like a hard knot under the skin and can last for a long time, often months. Nodules often lead to permanent scarring if left untreated.  

Nodules - they can feel like a hard knot underneath the skin

6. Cysts – a severe form of acne. Unlike a pimple with a head, cystic acne occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. A cyst is a tender fluid-filled bump which forms under the skin’s surface. Cystic acne may be very painful, or it may have more of an annoying itchy feeling.  

Cysts before and after pic clearing with real-u

Pimples can last anywhere from 1 to 10 days, depending on how healthy your skin is. The golden rule? The healthier your skin is, the faster it will heal and repair.
 real-u’s signature 3-Step Program is unique because it focuses on repairing and re-building the health of your skin. Our gentle (yet highly effective) formula helps to clear, heal, and prevent all types of pimples.

In other words, real-u is tough on pimples, but gentle on your precious skin! 


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