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One of my favourite activities is giving myself an at-home facial! It's the best way to de-stress and self-care, and needless to say it's super good for your skin. These techniques all come from what I learnt during my beauty therapy days, so you can learn how to do a professional-style facial at home. I give myself a facial once a week, and then focus on my 3-Step skincare routine the rest of the time.

How to Give Yourself a Facial:

1. Take a deep breath – de-stress Beauty!

2. Now it’s time to cleanse your skin - make sure to take your time. 

3. Use your hands to massage across your face and neck, pressing down on your pressure points as you go.

4. Push out across your eyebrows to relax the muscles around your eyes.

5. Use small circular movements around your forehead, making sure you massage right up into your hairline.

6. Push out from your jawline then down your neck.

7. When you’re ready, take a fresh, damp face washer and thoroughly remove all the cleanser from your skin.

8. Prep your skin with the Control Serum so it has time to work its magic.

9. Apply your fav hydrating sheet mask and let it sit for up to 20 minutes.

SKINTIP: Once you’ve taken your sheet mask off, spread the remaining serum all over your face/neck, or use it as a body lotion – you don’t want any of that skin-loving goodness to go to waste!

10. Hydrate your skin with a moisturiser to lock in all that moisture and goodness. 

Pressure Points:

The idea of pressure points across the body comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. They are powerfully sensitive parts of the body that can help relieve tension and pain when you apply pressure on them. Including these points in your facial is a great way to relax and feel calmer.  

Pressure Point 1: Between your eyebrows at the top of your nose.

 DIY Facial pressure point 1- between your eyebrows and above your nose

 Pressure Point 2: Just underneath your ears.

 DIY Facial pressure point 2- just beneath your ears

 Pressure Point 3: The centre of your chest.

 DIY Facial pressure point 3- the centre of your chest


Choosing a sheet mask

 Always pay attention to the ingredients. You want a mask that’s hydrating, calming, and soothing. I always look out for Hyaluronic Acid as it’s incredibly hydrating. 

  Avoid a charcoal mask or any mask that draws out moisture from the skin – these masks may make your pores look almost invisible afterwards, but dehydrating the skin will only lead to more breakouts in a few days’ time.

  Experiment with different masks and see what fits your skin. 

  If your skin tingles or burns after using a particular mask, don’t use it again.

You are now ready to try this yourself or even give a mini pro facial to the people you love!

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