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Katerina Williams Skincare Routine For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Katerina Williams is an Australian beauty guru best known for posting relatable makeup tutorials and beauty hacks to her YouTube channel of more than 330,000 subscribers.

"Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel! Today's video is going to be my long-awaited skincare routine - you guys have been requesting this video for a year now, and I've been putting it off because I hadn't really found a skincare brand that worked with my skin… until now.

If you guys have been following my channel for a while now, you'd know that about six months

ago my skin got pretty bad. I had acne from [my forehead area] down. I had 20 pimples at once just around [my chin area]. I didn't really film whilst it was at its worst, but if you guys saw me on snapchat you would have seen it. I did go to the doctors about it and they said “Oooh, you probably have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and there's nothing we can do about it… sorry”.

After trialling so many products, I finally found something that works for my skin. As you guys would know, makeup goes on so much easier and lasts so much longer when you have a skincare routine that actually works for your skin. So, today I'm going to share with you my new skincare routine!

First off is the cleanser - I've been using the real-u Gentle Foaming Wash for two months now, and it has cleared up my skin sooo much. I literally have no pimples at the moment. When I filmed my little ‘face wash demo’ thing I had one pimple on my cheek, but it's gone away now. The stuff has cleared up my skin so well and it's helped calm any redness that I had on my cheeks and on my nose. It's so gentle and it's hypoallergenic. The stuff works with your skin, instead of against it. It's got no salicylic acid. Also, this stuff is awesome for cleaning any cleansing brushes and hard-to-clean brushes like your foundation brushes.

After I've cleansed and rinsed my face I go in with the real-u acne serum. This stuff helps control excess oil on your skin, and seriously, these are the only products I've used that have ever stopped my skin from getting oily. My skin doesn't get dry [from using this product], but it doesn't get oily throughout the day. I take a pea-sized amount of it on my finger, and then work it in all over my face (avoiding my eye area), and then I let that dry for a bit, and go in with my moisturiser...

The moisturiser I like to use is the real-u HYDRATE Light Moisturiser. Again, because I had oily skin, this moisturiser is amazing! It's not heavy, but it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, like I found a lot of other light moisturisers do. Again, I just take a pea-sized amount on my fingers and work this into my face.

Then the last skincare product I use is the real-u REMOVE Spot Treatment. Thank-you Stefanie Bailey for recommending this to me! (As you guys know, Steph is one of my best friends here on YouTube, and she's the one that actually put me onto real-u because she had such a huge improvement with her skin!). This is a Spot Treatment for pimples. You're supposed to use it two to three times a day - I just use it twice a day and noticed such a big difference! I'd apply this in the morning and night, and within two to three days the pimple would be gone. Like everything with real-u, it's got no benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, so it's not going to dry out your skin.

Like I was saying before, a flawless makeup base really starts with your skin care."


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