How Ready Are You for Valentine’s Day?

How Ready Are You for Valentine’s Day?

The ultimate beauty tips on how to look your best on Valentine's Day (or any day)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You may already have your outfit all picked out and a reservation set at a romantic restaurant for you and your S.O. but have you given any thought to your skincare and beauty routine?

If you want dewy-looking skin in time for the biggest date night of the year, we’ve got you covered with our best Valentine’s day beauty tips.


It’s bit of a cliché, but the best thing you can do on date night is to just be yourself. After all, if your date doesn’t recognise how truly awesome you are, are they really worth being with? The same goes for clothes and makeup. Always go for the look you feel comfortable and confident in - you don’t want to be the girl awkwardly pulling up her strapless dress all night. If you don’t normally wear lots of makeup, stick to a basic, natural look. If you’re a glam girl, don’t be afraid to turn it up all the way – just as long as you always remember to take your makeup off at the end of the night - your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

SKINTIP:  CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash is the perfect way to prep and freshen up your skin before and after your date.


Dates can be stressful! You’ve got to find the perfect outfit, the perfect hairdo, and the perfect conversation starter - that’s enough pressure to make any girl breakout … we’ve all been there! Take a deep breath and relax Beauty - you're f*%king amazing!

Take control of your skincare routine prior to date night, this will help keep your skin clear and healthy, no matter what stresses your dating life throws at you.

­­­SKINTIP: With a unique marine-complex, our real-u CONTROL Serum helps you take control of your skin by helping to heal existing pimples and prevent your skin from breaking out in the first place.


First base with your skincare that is…

A good moisturiser feels amazing and can also be the difference between a good and a bad makeup application. The last thing you want is your makeup sliding off halfway through the date. The test for the­­ perfect moisturiser is the one you would choose on your wedding day, and for me the real-u Hydrate wins hands down.

SKINTIP: A smooth, flawless makeup application always begins with a clear, healthy base. For a moisturiser that doesn’t clog your pores use HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser, it’s perfectly balanced to feel light and airy whilst still giving your skin the hydration it needs.


Threading and waxing can cause tiny breakouts as the hair follicle is disrupted.  De-fuzz a week prior to your date to give your skin time to settle and heal.

SKINTIP: My trick is to apply the Spot Treatment immediately after de-fuzzing and for 3 days afterwards to prevent those tiny, white pimples from forming.


Everybody loves smooth, clear and kissable skin.  A month before any big event be very disciplined with your skincare routine (2x daily Beauties) and wear as little makeup as possible to give your skin the best chance to glow!

SKINTIP: real-u’s SKINFIT 30-day Program gets your skin healthy and in shape for any special date. With loads of skin tips and tricks for breakout prone skin you’re sure to be looking skin-licious.

Happy Valentine’s Beauties!!

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