Obvious skin tips you might not have thought of...

Keeping your hair fresh and clean helps keep your skin fresh and clear. Invisible bacteria that lives on your hair and your nails can constantly contribute to breakouts. Think about how many times during the day/night your hair or hands touch your skin. 


  1. Wash your hair regularly. 
  2. Tie your hair up, keeping it off your face as much as possible.
  3. Sleep like a mermaid – flick your hair over the top of your pillow. 
  4. Flip your pillowcase each night and change it every second night – as your skin absorbs the oils and bacteria left from the night before. 
  5. Wash your hands before you touch your skin and before your do your 3-Step Program.
  6. Think of how many times your phone touches your skin – antibacterial wipe your phone regularly to keep it bacteria free.
  7. Try not to touch your skin either during the day or while you sleep.

“Keep your hair fresh and off your face as much as possible when dealing with breakout prone skin - as the specific bacteria that contributes to breakouts, lives in our hair follicles.” – Ebony, Founder, real-u Skincare.

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