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Travel can take its toll on your skin so it’s really important not to compromise your skincare routine while on vacay.  

When flying, your skin is exposed to very dry re-circulated air which quickly sucks moisture from your skin and hotel linen and towels can be full of chemicals that can upset your skin even further.


1. Always pack your own pillowcase and face cloth: The harsh detergents used in hotels can irritate and upset your skin.

2. Travel makeup free:When travelling on planes, your skin gets really stressed from the dehydrating air so try to travel makeup free - it makes a huge difference! On long haul flights, you can even go through your 3-Step Program. I always travel with my real-u minis -they are the perfect size to pop into your travel bag.

3. Travel with a little packet of handy wipes:The invisible bacteria that lives on our fingertips can contribute to breakouts.

4. Wash off sunscreen straight after you come in from the sun: Travel can also mean extra exposure to the sun, even when it’s cloudy your skin is still exposed to UV rays that damage your skin. But, when you come in from the sun, remove your sunscreen straight away as sunscreen can be one of the hidden triggers that can cause breakouts. 

5. Give your skin a break from makeup: It's great to let your skin breathe - go makeup free when you can.

6. Amp up your hydration: When you’re travelling, your skin can be exposed to a lot of air conditioning (especially if you are travelling on planes). Make sure you increase your water consumption. It can be easy to forget when you’re on the go, so keep a water bottle handy to remind you. Snacking on fruits with high water content like oranges, berries and watermelon will also assist your hydration levels.

7. Take more time:Take a little extra time doing your real-u skincare routine especially while you cleanse take a minute to massage your skin - so your skin can come back relaxed and refreshed too!

Happy travels Beauties! xx