1. Light is your best accessory, natural lighting gives you that beautiful glow– even with no makeup.

2. Always face towards the light to avoid shadows.

3. Avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs.

4. Avoid a flash

5. Play with your best angle - everyone has their 'good side’ it's a matter of playing around with the camera to find yours.

6. Avoid smiling into the camera straight on - try holding your phone a little bit above you - it makes the photo look less intense.

7. Be mindful of your background – and we love it when you incorporate real-u colours!

8. Get creative! Show us your personality with an interesting lifestyle shot featuring your fav real-u product/s, or in action doing your real-u ‘3-Step’ routine.

9. Just be your fun, sassy, confident self! Relax, don’t try too hard, have fun and show us who you are.

10. Flash a real smile - find your best angle, look away for a second then look back at the camera and shoot!

11. Before and after pictures should show the same side of your face. Try and take both pictures in a well lit space to avoid colour change between photos and always go makeup free to see #therealueffect !!

before and after selfies do's and dont's


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Some of our fav real-u selfies. Don't be afraid to get creative when taking a photo