Ambassador Terms

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the real-u Ambassador Program!

Once you have signed up for the Ambassador Program, you will be assigned a unique Ambassador Code. Please promote your code as much as possible to start earning $$$.

By signing up as an Ambassador you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.


  • You must be over the age of 18 or have a legal guardian oversee the program. 
  • You must provide your legal full name, a valid email address, and any other information requested in order to complete the signup process.
  • We will only pay commissions on links/codes that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems.
  • Payments only begin once you’ve earned more than $20 in commission.
  • Once you have signed up for the Ambassador Program, you will be assigned a unique Ambassador Code. Please promote your code as much as possible to earn $$$. 
  • You will be automatically supplied with a full set of real-u products each quarter plus any additional products to run alongside with our promotional activities.
  • real-u is happy to supply further products to support approved promotional activities you wish to run on your site, ie. Giveaways etc.
  • Discount codes cannot be advertised on discount websites. If codes are leaked to discount websites it renders the commission void from the time of leakage and the code will need to be changed.
  • You are responsible for all content promoted however we give you permission to use any real-u product imagery from our social media accounts or website.  
  • real-u reserves the right to update and change the Terms & conditions from time to time without notice.


  • For a sale to be eligible to earn commission, customers must use your unique Discount Code.
  • We will only pay commissions on orders that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems. 
  • We reserve the right to disqualify commissions earned through fraudulent, illegal, or overly aggressive, questionable sales or marketing methods.
  • Once you have earned $20+ commission you will be by paid within 14 days from the end of the month.


  • To post content on your social media/web site in line with real-u’s values.
  • The content created by you for real-u must not violate or engage in any illegal behaviours. 
  • We encourage you to include your own before and after pics, however you must not include others before and after pics unless otherwise agreed to in advance. 
  • Ensure you display your correct discount code.
  • While participating in the real-u Ambassador Program you are obligated to comply with the various laws surrounding the marketing platform/s and anti-spam laws.


The term of this Agreement will begin upon acceptance of the Ambassador Program terms and conditions, and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Upon program termination, real-u will pay any outstanding earnings.


You and we are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf.

I am so excited to have you as part of the real-u Ambassador team and look forward to working with you.

Kisses, Ebony xx