Beauty Kit


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Our NEW in-store only 'Beauty Kit’. Everything you need for clear, healthy skin. Available at Priceline in Australia and Life Pharmacy and Unichem in New Zealand.

Suitable for most Beauties, our 'Beauty Kit' helps clear, heal and prevent breakouts while rebuilding the health of your skin.
*  NO Benzoyl Peroxide
*  NO Salicylic Acid

  1 x 100ml CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash
The perfect way to effectively cleanse problem skin without removing all the skin’s natural oils or over-drying your skin.

 1 x 50ml CONTROL Face Serum
This green CONTROL Face Serum helps clear and prevent breakouts while rebuilding your skin's health.

 1 x 100ml HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser
Our perfect light weight moisturiser, hydrates your skin without clogging your pores, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, calm and relaxed. 

 1 x SKINFIT program 
Our Skinfit program keeps you on track to clear, healthy skin.  With loads of skin tips and tricks to help you along the way.

 1 x Clear, reusable cosmetic pouch 
To keep your skincare all together.

Available only at Priceline in Australia and Life Pharmacies and Unichem in New Zealand.


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