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Britt (LUXE)

I first started buying real-u maybe a year ago and I love it. My skin feels smoothe and refreshed after using the 3 steps, and I have less problem pimples. I also love the spot treatment for those extra nasty spots. After a few days my skin will be cleared up after using real-u. Love it!

17 May 2018

Sphan (LUXE)

Real-u is a Game Changer I am a 31 year old woman whom has suffered from acne since my early teens, I've tried it all - anything which mentioned "acne clearning" - I had it, including the contraceptive pill. The pill did help keep my acne at bay however in my late 20s I wanted to stop taking the pill as it finally clicked to me how unnatural it was, and surprise! More acne. I wanted to try something natural that wasn't going to strip my skin of its natural oils. I felt like my skin first needed to repair itself from all of the "acne clearing" products used over the years especially ones which contained Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide so I started searching. Instagram does this funny thing where it seems to pick up on what you're already thinking about (cheeky face) and one day as I was scrolling, Real-u popped up. After some thorough research, I decided to purchase the bundle. Postage was super quick and once received, I couldn't wait to head home and just start washing my face! Using a wet face towel - genius. I can't wash my face without using a wet face towel now because I just don't get the same 'clean' effect. The cleanser, I have to say, is my absolute favorite. Not at all drying but makes your skin feel soft to touch, nourished, and cleeeeean. I do wash twice when wearing make up and it does the job perfectly. I switched in between the red and green Control serums but find the green to be more suited to my skin - only wish this came in the larger size like the red. I love letting this soak into my skin, knowing it is working in keeping those nasties at bay! The moisturiser - heavenly. Certainly not heavy, not greasy, and soaks right into the skin. I don't need much of it, in fact, I have ordered 3 cleansers and still on my first moisturiser tube. The spot treatment, I find, works extremely well. It does not leave any spots dry and flaky. I find pairing Real-U products with a gentle exfoliator twice a week really improves product absorption. I have not been happier with my purchases and so happy to know I have found something that is not stripping my skin, especially at this period in my life where I need to start thinking about how to maintain my skins natural suppleness. Thank you, Real-u!

17 May 2018

Jenjen (LUXE)

Finally a product that leaves your face fresh all day long! My face doesn't oily throughout the day, which is amazing throughout summer. The moisturizer is light and doesn't feel heavy

17 May 2018

Bec b (LUXE)

This product is so fantastic it’s Almost like magic! I had terrible acne and extremely sensitive skin and most things that touched my face literally burnt my skin but real-U is so gentle and effective and my skin has NEVER looked this fantastic. It has changed my life. Having clear skin has given me so much confidence! Thank you so much!

17 May 2018

Nicole (LUXE)

I always had perfect skin through my teens so it completely struck me by surprise after having children that my skin turned hormonal. I battled adult acne for many years and desperately tried everything to try and restore my skin to my precjikd days. I used many high end products that cost me a fortune and overstimulated my skin making it worse. In an attempt to fix my overstimulated skin I tried expensive treatments such as lasering, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and skin needling. At one point I even tried medication. None of these fixed my skin on a long term basis until randomly I stumbled across real u on instagram. I am so grateful for the day I stumbled across these products as they have been amazing and have made a huge difference to my skin. I no longer get red angry breakouts . I honestly don’t think I will use any other product and have happily recommended real u to my friends and family.

17 May 2018

Dani M (LUXE)

I am so obsessed with real u honestly its amazing I am so happy i found it! I wouldn't use anything else this product does wonders!!!! It is the only product that has truly fixed my face!

17 May 2018

Emily (LUXE)

Love real-u! I have tried so many products for my skin but after using real-u I’ll never go back. My skin has never felt better and is one of the only products that has managed to mostly clear my pimples!

17 May 2018

Fairy (LUXE)

Real u has changed my skin and my life for the better. It helped me conquer adult cystic acne and really made a huge difference to my everyday routine. Highly recommend to everyone who is battling acne.

17 May 2018

Phoebe (LUXE)

I literally can’t live with my Real U Cleanser and Spot Treatment. It’s like they were designed just for me. Real U Cleanser is the only one that doesn’t dry out my already dry skin, keeps my skin clean and clear. I have been using this for a few years now and will never use another brand. The spot treatment gets rid of pimples overnight and the tube lasts forever. I use the Control Gel when my skin breaks out (which is rare) and by the next day my skin is back to normal. The moisturiser is great for me in summer but in winter I need something stronger.

17 May 2018

Kayla (LUXE)

I’ve had acne for around 15 years now and if only I had of found this product sooner! It is incredible. Doesn’t dry out the skin, very soothing and moisturising. I literally can’t wait to wash my face at the end of the day.

17 May 2018

Bailey (LUXE)

I can’t use anything else, this is the only skin care brand that actually works, and doesn’t dry me out. I was sick of having acne and dry skin, so I told myself to try just one more brand. This has gone above and beyond, my skin is soft, healthy, and my acne is pretty much non existent

17 May 2018

Chelsea (LUXE)

This stuff has absolutely saved my life! I tried so many products, from proactive to all natural products and nothing worked. I couldn’t imagine using any other products to keep my skin healthy and radiant!

17 May 2018

ShashC (LUXE)

This bundle works so well for me, it has helped control my acne very well since the day I purchased it. The product feels really great on my skin too. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is that it doesn’t completely get rid of the acne as quickly as I feel like it should, I know it does try it’s best but I feel like it could do better. But overall, I’m patient with the product and I wait for it to do its thing.

17 May 2018

Meganrubyjoy (LUXE)

I’d struggled with terrible skin break outs after spending nine months in hospital. I tried so many products and my skin would clear before breaking out more severely than the problem was to start with! I hesitantly tried RealU and finally my skin cleared and STAYED CLEAR! My skin still has the occasional blemish as a side effect to my medications but they clear up quickly and my skin is back to being as normal as anyone’s I think!

17 May 2018

Sophie (LUXE)

Love it! Best skin care regimen I’ve ever had! From day one I noticed a improvement and even though I still get the odd pimple it’s cleared up by the spot remover!

17 May 2018

Melissa (LUXE)

I thought by 30 id have passed the 'teenage years' of bad skin - apparently not!! This is the only set of products that doesnt make my skin worse while it trues to help! It cleans, treats and nourishes my skin without drying or causing any additional side effects!

17 May 2018

Aimee (LUXE)

My sister was suffered from breakouts because she was allergic to other skincare items, so I got the bundle for her to tried out. Surprisingly, all her breakouts were cleared out within 1 -2 months. Real-u products have been on my skincare routine since then. Thanks again

17 May 2018

Steph (LUXE)

These products are amazing. Having very sensitive skin, I have always had to be careful what toxins and chemicals are in my skincare. These products are natural, gentle on the skin and they actually work! My skin has never been this under control. The moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft all day. Been buying for well over a year now and will continue to do so !

17 May 2018

Emma (LUXE)

This product is amazing! I found it hard to find a product that clears my face for years, than i came across this beauty. my face has not been so clear in long time and so smooth. also it doesn’t irritate my skin at all

17 May 2018

emmybernadette (#SKINFIT)

This WHOLE range by Real-U has absolutely transformed my skin and acne. The combination of this cleanser, control serum and moisturiser.. I truly cannot live without it! I would recommend this range to any person with acne prone skin!

17 May 2018


Far fewer break-outs. My skin hasn't looked this good for a long while. Barely ever have to wear concealer now, whereas I was using it most days before I tried Real-u.

17 May 2018

Bernie H (#SKINFIT)

I had mild acne before I started using real u. I did some research and came across the brand, and I was so desperate I had to give a try after seeing all the amazing results that customers had posted. Real u changed my skin. I went from little pimples on my forehead and cyst-like pimples on my chin to none at all! I could definitely see results. I have run out now and will be getting some more!

17 May 2018


A few years ago I was breakout city, I was afraid to go out in my own skin and would cover up with thick makeup. The best decision I ever made was to stop the harm I was doing and search the internet for how I could help my skin. I stumbled across RealU and have never looked back! RealU taught me that the harsh chhemicals I was using to zap my zits were doing more harm than good! I have religiously been using their products for a few years now and it’s been the best thing for my skin and my confidence. I no longer wear foundation at all just my RealU moisturiser and I’m set for the day. I finally feel confident in my own bare skin. Thankyou RealU for helping me find my best skin!!!

17 May 2018


My skin has never felt and looked better. Absolutely love the moisturiser, leaves my skin feeling so fresh without that oily look. By far the best products I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot!!

17 May 2018


I have been using the Real-U for almost a year now and it’s my absolute go to product! These products are so gentle on the skin yet work amazingly! I saw results within two weeks of using and have never looked back!

17 May 2018

Hannah P (#SKINFIT)

After months of battling acne and random skin irritation, I saw an ad for Real-u on instagram and decided to give it a go. Within a month, most of my active acne was gone and my skin was more hydrated than before. I would recommend the control + for anyone who has aggressive acne

17 May 2018

Alesha (#SKINFIT)

Really love how simply this is. I found with other brand stuff it was too harsh for my skin and made my acne worse. I’ve had some pretty good results when I actually do it twice a day. I would like the control bottle to be larger like it was a little while ago. Kinda cheeky that it’s smaller. There also needs to be free shipping!

17 May 2018


Within 1 week of using Real U I began noticing changes. 1 year in and I wouldn't change my skin care products for anything! It reduced my skin redness as well as clearing it.

17 May 2018

Hannah (#SKINFIT)

I have had bad acne since I can remember and have tried everything from Benzac, to proactive, and as a last resort - roaccutane. I was suffering bad side effects from the roaccutane: my skin was burning, peeling, painful, and extremely dry. I saw realu advertised on Facebook and thought nothing of it thinking it obviously wouldn’t work for me... my mum knew how much I hated my skin and went online to order it for me. When it arrived I had major doubts about how effective it was going to be but 3 months later I had completely clear skin and now, 2 years later, I still have healthy, clear, pain free skin. I briefly decided to leave realu and try another product - BIG MISTAKE. I broke out majorlyyyy but as soon as I started realu again it almost instantly calmed back down. Life changing product!

17 May 2018

Jasila B (#SKINFIT)

I bought the whole set of real-U (cleanser, moisturiser and the control plus serum) because i had been suffering from bad congestion and acne for a long time. my face started clearing up within a week and the moisturiser was super lite-it wasn't greasy and sticky. The cleanser has no smell which is wonderful because it tells me that there isn't any fancy parfum added to react with my skin. The cleanser is easy to use and doesn't dry out my face, at the same time it helps to remove light make up as well. I bring the cleanser with me whenever i travel, i won't be changing to any other cleanser. this has worked for my skin and I really hope Real-U doesn't stop manufacturing their brand.

17 May 2018

Jayne (LUXE)

After being on rounds of antibiotics for a bad reaction to a facial (none of those worked), Real-u bundle changed my life. 3 weeks and perfect skin. It's been months since I felt this good about my skin. Can't live without it now.

17 May 2018

Sophie (LUXE)

I tried for so long to find skin care products that would heal my painful acne, but everything I tried only made it worse. People used to tell me to see a doctor, but I didn't have to because I started using Real-U! Now, I get compliments all the time on how clear my skin is and I feel so much better about myself. It's a dream come true and it actually works! Thank you Real-U!!

17 May 2018

Livvy (LUXE)

Real u is amazing. Really enjoy using these products. They leave my skin feeling great and I wouldn’t go back to any other brand. I highly recommend these product to anyone who would like to try something new.

17 May 2018

Ashley (LUXE)

This skincare line has done wonders for my skin! And I love that they don’t use harsh chemicals. My skin has never looked better! Use this line—you won’t regret it!

17 May 2018

Katrina (LUXE)

After being through almost every product I decided I'd ord er the travel size and try something new to my surprise after about a week my skin got less red and the spots started to clear. Safe to say I recommend these products daily on Facebook and still carry my spot treatment in my hand bag daily

17 May 2018

Amandab (LUXE)

m so happy with this these products, my skin is 100 x clearer then it has ever been!! I have been using them for almost a year and the difference is amazing! Real U products are gentle but really work. Postage and delivery is reasonably prices & very quick!

17 May 2018

Jaime Allen (LUXE)

These products are by far the best I’ve ever used! My skin cleared so much faster than any product I’ve used and I can’t go back to using anything else

17 May 2018

Sophia (CONTROL)

My skin is improving so much by using this products! It works perfect on oily skin and my skin won't feel dry after using like other products out there. But you need to be patient to see the results.

14 May 2018

Anchovy (CLEANSE)

First few times I tried it and didn’t see much of a difference.. It caused redness on my face and I’d still break out with acne so I wouldn’t recommend it.

08 May 2018

Cherie (#SKINFIT)

I tried this product after many failed attempts at finding the right skin care package, and the results were amazing!! I haven't had any skin concerns since using this product. I am totally converted!

03 May 2018

Bianca M (LUXE)

After suffering from very aggressive adult acne for years and trying every product under the sun I was recommended to try Real-u by a friend. And thank God I did, this stuff is amazing and so affordable!! I saw results the next day and my skin was almost completely clear after just two weeks using the Luxe set! Highly recommend!!

30 Apr 2018

Madi (LUXE)

I purchased the Real U Luxe bundle about 3 months ago and was amazed how quickly it started to work wonders on my skin! Results started to show within the first week and by the month my skin was glowing! This stuff is like pure magic in a bottle! Plus an added bonus (as if not having amazing skin isn’t the best thing ever) but the product lasts forever (I’m still using my first purchase) and it’s super affordable

24 Apr 2018

Taeketone (LUXE)

This saved my skin so much my skin was getting so bad from shaving getting ingrown hairs and badly breaking out over everything and anything my skin would come to contact with! This stuff works wonders! I used the spot treatment first the I applied my control + on top for extra strength and through oirbthe day I’d apply the free control serum in stead of the spot treatment for an extra boost in them bad days my skins never been better

21 Apr 2018

Mary (TOP UP)

I sometimes get lazy with my skin, but every time I want a simple skincare range to get my skin back on track, this is always my staple range! Love it!

19 Apr 2018

Ashley (LUXE)

I purchase this bundle about 2 months ago and I can't believe how amazing this product is. I have been suffering from acne since I was14 and I have tried everything! This is the first and only thing that has worked for my skin and left my skin feeling incredible! I started noticing a difference after just 1 week, no more redness and reduction in amount and size of pimples. It took about a month to 6 weeks to completely clear my skin. I don't ever go a day without using it. I would recommend this product to anyone! AMAZING! I will never stop using it! Thank you so much Real-u for giving me back my confidence :)

18 Apr 2018

Megan R (LUXE)

I started suffering from acne about a year Never in my life had I gotten spots! It was an absolute shock! It went from 1/2 to multiples on my forehead mainly! I tried everything, from treatments to diet and lifestyle! I got a topical solution and it Burnt the top layer of my skin off my forehead & cheeks, was the most painful experience! But nothing touched it for 11 months. I finally found real-u and 6 weeks later I am spot free! It took such a toll on my self esteem and life in general I wouldn’t get out of bed but now I’m so happy and can walk out the house make up free for the first time in a year ❤️❤️❤️

16 Apr 2018

Taylah (LUXE)

I have just restocked on my full range of real-U beauty products. I am obsessed with each and every product. This is a great bundle to get the whole range for a great price! Amazing products! ❤️❤️❤️

09 Apr 2018

Tori (LUXE)

At first I didn’t think it was working, like every other single product I’ve ever tried in my life, I was used to it. But after the first month (maybe month and a half) everyone started commenting on my skin and I noticed it getting better and better each day! There’s still some scarring that I’m not happy with, but overall, Real-u has gave me back my confidence! Perfect sized tubes that last soooo much longer than any other product, great results! I can’t get enough

09 Apr 2018

Mace (TOP UP)

Real-U range of products works on all skin types literally. For some other countries, their products commonly focuses on the majority of the skin types from their residents as their consumers, but since I am not from Australia, I am surprised on how good it works on my skin! And its the product I can truly recommend because of its continuous improvement on my skin and it's non-irritating. Been using it for 7 months! ♥️

03 Apr 2018

JessicaV (LUXE)

These products feel heavenly against my skin, and they really do work. Everything about the real-u team and their products live up to their cause of helping heal and repair acne/oily skin. The cleanser does a fantastic job of cleansing and removing everyday dirt, the control serum goes on to effortlessly and does not burn already acne inflamed skin, and hydrate actually feels like its hydrating my skin. These products take care of your skin, the way it is meant to be taken care of and I cannot thank the real-u team enough.

20 Mar 2018