In Just 3 Steps

In Just 3 Steps

Get clear and healthy skin in 3 simple Steps

Our range is based on new technology and focuses around our hero product - our Control serum. Over complicating your skincare or stripping your skin can send your skin further into breakout mode.  

Step 1 - Cleanse
Cleansing is where a lot of mistakes are made when treating problem skin - when your skin is feeling over oily and breaking out it might feel right to try to get rid of excess oils by over cleansing or scrubbing your skin - but this sends your oil glands into over drive.  We have designed a cleanser especially formulated for problem skin that is pH balanced, so it’s not going to strip your skin - it gently and effectively removes all impurities and perfectly prepares your skin for ‘Step 2’. 

Step 2 – Control Serum
Our hero product, based on new breakthrough technology unique to real-u, our Control serum helps clear and prevents breakouts and helps control the oils on your skin. It also helps to reduce pore size – all without drying your skin. It’s extremely healing, with no nasties, it’s not going to irritate your skin. Our Control serum actually helps make your skin healthy and strong – as healthy skin heals and repairs faster. 

Step 3 - Hydrate
Our light moisturiser is a perfect accessory to our Control Serum, it has been especially formulated for problem skin and to compliment our Control serum. It easily absorbs into your skin and delivers your skin the right amount of moisture without clogging your pores, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, calm, smooth and relaxed. It’s also the perfect base for makeup application. Find out why you should ditch makeup primers here.

The Key
Keeping your skincare routine simple helps to keep your skin calm, especially when your skin is in breakout mode. 

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