Masks are here to stay. Unfortunately that means we’re all going to be dealing with maskne (mask acne) for months to come. Skin expert and real-u founder Ebony has spent the last month working with a local Australian designer to create a face mask that is far less irritating on skin. The result? Our new handmade, triple-layer, 100% silk-lined face masks designed especially for people with sensitive and breakout prone skin. We talked to Ebony about how ‘Silk Against my Skin’ came to be. 

Why did you create a face mask?

It started off as a project to produce a mask that wouldn’t irritate or upset my skin. No matter how many different types and styles of face mask I tried, the result would always be the same: irritated skin and unwanted breakouts. I even started to develop acne rosacea due the abrasive materials constantly rubbing against my face and the bacteria that develops when the moisture from your breathing has nowhere to go.

I wasn’t the only one struggling with this. So many of you had reached out to me for advice on how to prevent your skin going downhill while wearing a mask and I wanted to help. So became the birth of ‘Silk Against My Skin’. 

Why Silk?

The best cloth option for your skin is a mask made of 100% silk-lined materials. Silk is made up of long, tightly woven fibres that help decrease skin's loss of moisture. It also has antimicrobial properties and is less abrasive then other natural fibres. From my own experiences, I’ve found that my skin feels much better and is far less likely to breakout after I’ve been wearing a silk-lined mask compared to other materials. Silk is also very lightweight making it easier to breathe and cooler on your face - ideal for when the weather starts warming up.

If silk is the best option, why is the mask not 100% silk?

It was initially my intention to produce a 100% silk mask - we even had the prototypes made up, but the latest research has come out against wearing an entirely silk mask. Because silk is so light and breathable, it allows too many air and moisture particles to pass through – which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. 

To meet current safety guidelines, I adjusted the middle and outer layers to a poly material. The lining is a non-woven sew-in interfacing made from a poly fibre which prevents these particles from moving freely in and out. The outer layer is made from a Japanese satin which provides more protection than silk but feels just as soft and luxurious. By keeping the inner layer (the one that sits directly against your skin) as silk but adjusting the outer layers, this new mask gives you the best of everything. Better for your skin, while still adhering to the recommended guidelines. 

Note: Masks are not medical grade and should not be a replacement for medical grade masks.

And where does the gold-plated chain come in?

Isn’t is fabulous! There’s a lot of good reasons why you might need to be taking your mask on and off during the day, such as when you’re driving somewhere or when you’re eating or drinking. The gold chain is a stylish, easy and practical way to keep your mask on hand when you’re not wearing it. Wearing a face mask is certainly here to stay but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it and have fun with it.  

A limited number of real-u masks are available with and without the chain. Shop them here before they run out.